Thank you for selecting People Eraser to assist with your personal privacy needs. The following pages have instructions to help you erase yourself from over 70 people search websites. Please don’t be alarmed at that number though because we’ve simplified the process for you. By choosing the Erase Yourself plan, you’re able to access shortcuts and save yourself time!

We also include links for you to opt-out of pre-approved credit card offers and junk mail. These are included as part of our commitment to your privacy.

Pre-approved credit cards

Junk Mail Opt-Out​ (there is a $2 processing fee through this website)

As part of the Erase Yourself plan, you’ll get monthly email updates about people search websites so you’ll know when a new site potentially has your personal information.

Thank you again for selecting People Eraser.

Mike Picinich
President, People Eraser, Inc

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Before you jump in and start working to Erase Yourself from people search websites, read these instructions so you understand the process.

  1. Create a fake email address – we recommend using Gmail.  Doing this prevents you from receiving spam on your regular email and also adds a layer of privacy between you and the people search websites.  Ensure you write down the email address and password as you may need it later. 
  2. Many of the people search sites are associated with each other and therefore, removal from one site equals removal from the partner sites.  For example, removing your information from will also remove your information from seven other sites. At the end of each section, we tell you which partner sites will no longer have your information.
  3. We divided the opt-out links based on the difficulty or time needed in removing your information.  The sites listed as EASY will remove your information immediately through their opt-out page.  MODERATE sites will send an email with a confirmation link to complete the opt-out process – remember to use the fake email account!  HOMEPAGE FIRST sites will require you to search for your information through their home page before you submit your opt-out request.  HARD sites require proof of identity in the form of a photo ID like your driver’s license or they require a more significant amount of time to find out if your information is on their site before you can remove it. 
  4. Under the HOMEPAGE FIRST section, when you search for your information on the State Records and InfoTracer sites, copy your Report ID number and include that in the opt-out request.
  5. When you’re ready to start, click on the opt-out link and follow the instructions.  If you run into any issues, send us an email and we’ll help you figure it out!


 WebsiteOpt-out LinkDate RequestedF/U Date
1White PagesWhite Pages Premium Optout
2White PagesWhite Pages Non-Premium Optout
3My LifeMy Life Privacy Policy
4Plus AddressPlus Address Optout
5People WhizPeople Whiz Optout
6Locate FamilyLocate Family Optout
7ArchivesArchives Optout
8Search BugSearch Bug Optout

For each of these sites and unless otherwise stated in these instructions, conduct a search on your name to ensure your information is present before going through the opt-out procedures. Premium

  1. will often show two separate results: Premium or non-Premium and each type of result has its own opt-out process.
  2. Open the Whitepages home page and conduct a search on your name. If you get both types of results, start with the Premium opt-out process first as this may remove both records. We’ve created a YouTube video explaining the process for both results in addition to the instructions below.
  3. Premium results show up with a blue background. If your name shows up as a premium result, right-click on “View Full Report” and copy the link address. 
  4. Open the Whitepages Premium opt-out link, click the drop-down arrow and select “I need to edit or remove a listing.” Provide the email you created on the next line and under “Listing URL”, paste the link you copied from the results page. 
  5. The next four lines of information are optional; if you choose to provide anything here, only provide the information you can see on the results page.
  6. Under the required Subject field, type “record removal” and in the Description field, we suggest typing in that you are a possible victim of identity theft.
  7. Complete the captcha and hit submit. Whitepages will send an email informing you they received the request. Non-Premium

  1. Non-Premium results show up with a white background. If your name shows up as a premium result, right-click on “View Details” and copy the link address. 
  2. Open the Whitepages Non-Premium opt-out link, paste the link you copied from the results page and click submit.
  3. Verify the information on the next screen and click “Remove me”
  4. On the following screen, use the drop down to select “I just want to keep my information private” and click “Submit”
  5. Provide a working phone number on the following screen. Whitepages has an automated phone process. Once you enter the phone number, check the verification box and click “Call now to verify”, you will get a new screen with a confirmation code. Once you receive the automated call, enter the confirmation code to complete the process.

  1. Call the Customer Care team at (888) 704-1900 and select option 3. When you get a rep on the phone tell them you are not a member but your information is on their site and you’d like to have it removed. They will need your name and zip code for the address they have listed. After that, I was on a brief hold and they removed my info. She said it takes 24-48 hours for it to process.

  1. Start with their opt-out link and click on the link that says “Here” to search for your information.
  2. If your information is on their site, follow the instructions which includes uploading a photo of your ID. You also have the option to fax or mail your ID.

  1.  Start with the main page for this site and select your state. From there, keep drilling down by city, street and then name.
  2. If you find your name listed, click on the link to review the information. On the right side of the page, there is a link to “Remove your listing”. Click that link and follow the subsequent instructions.

  1. Start with the main link to the site and select the first letter of your last name at the top. From there, select the first three letters of your last name. The following page will then list last names in alphabetical order. Look for the page with your last name and click on your last name to see if you are listed.
  2. If you are listed, on the far right of the line with your information there will be a grey trash can icon. Click on the trash can to get to the instructions for removing your record.
  3. If the trashcan is not there, keep that page open and also open the alternate opt-out link and follow the instructions listed there.

  1. Start with the homepage and search for your information. If you find your information, open the opt-out link and follow the instructions listed.