Now, More Than Ever, Managing Your Privacy Matters

Modern technology may be one of the biggest factors shaping our lives today.

Today, internet media is designed to take advantage of the most vulnerable, primitive parts of our brain – hijacking our attention and even creating behavioral addictions. It’s hard not to notice it – everywhere you look people are involved with their smartphones, even while doing something as important as driving!

We are spending significant time online following social media and “breaking news”, much of which is opinion and speculation.

As Andrew Sullivan puts it in a 2016 article, media companies accomplish their goals by constantly “shoveling more click bait toward us, fragmenting our focus into emotionally charged shards”.

We believe this attentional & emotional hijacking may be contributing to more calls for doxxing

Recent examples include incidents with Covington Catholic High School students in Washington DC, pro-life advocates protesting in Philadelphia, and an officer involved shooting in Los Angeles.

How do you protect yourself and your family? Well, as the doctor says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

People Eraser puts you in control of your personal information by helping you remove a critical link between the public and you/your family. While data brokers post your information online, many also allow you to remove it. But they certainly don’t make it easy.

People Eraser provides you a quick, easy process for removing your personal information while helping you to ensure it stays removed.

Why take chances with your privacy? Erase Yourself Today!

Erase Yourself Guidebook


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  • Opt yourself out from over 2 dozen data brokers

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  • Opt-out from over 2 dozen data brokers


Mike Picinich, People Eraser’s founder and president, has a degree in Criminal Justice and over 23 years experience working in Military Intelligence and Crime Analysis. He brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to serve individuals and organizations with complex privacy and security needs.

Martha Picinich, MA, CMMI, has a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  She is a practicing organizational consultant and coach specializing in leadership and adult development.  She provides the psychological theory and research foundation for People Eraser’s products and services. She helps People Eraser’s clients understand the impact modern technology and media have on the public at large and why maintaining privacy matters.



Can I call your office if I have questions?

Yes. You can reach us at (859) 488-2870.

Who can benefit from People Eraser?

Police officers, judges, attorneys and anyone in the criminal justice system, domestic violence victims, identity theft victims and anyone else who is concerned about their safety and privacy. Choosing People Eraser makes it harder for someone to find you or your family.

Why should I pay for the Erase Yourself Plan? Aren’t there free resources out there?

What makes us different from the free resources is OUR lists are organized to save time, vetted for effectiveness, and current to ensure best results. Free sites often contain outdated information and dead links.

How does my data end up on a data broker website?

Data brokers like Instant Checkmate or People Looker compile your information from publicly available local, state, federal and independent sources. From here, data brokers put your information in an easy to view report.

How long does it take to remove my data?

Most data brokers state that any records will be removed within 24 hours of the request date while others can take up to 6 weeks to remove your information. Once you purchase the Eraser Yourself Plan, you can start removing your data immediately and the entire process takes anywhere from one to two hours.

What else can People Eraser do for me?

Do you want or need to know what information is readily available for anyone to find? People Eraser conducts a “deep dive” into your online footprint to identify potential vulnerabilities. Whether you’re applying for a new job, looking for a promotion or thinking of running for office, a People Eraser Vulnerability Assessment can help you prepare, position and protect yourself and your loved

How does this impact something like Linkedin where I want my name out there for business purposes?

People Eraser won’t touch anything that you put online, i.e., LinkedIn or Facebook. If you Google your name, you’ll get results linking you to data broker websites like Intelius or Spokeo. Those kind of sites get your data from public records and compile your info to build a report on you. While some of the info can be very accurate and detailed, some is outdated or incomplete.
People Eraser only gets your name & info removed from data broker websites.

I paid for the 12-month plan but don’t want to continue, can I get a refund?

We charge for the 12-month plan up front but our service does not renew automatically. We’ll send you a reminder before your subscription runs out.